Quasar Network

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Welcome to Quasar Network!

Hello everyone and welcome!

I want to introduce you to Quasar Network, a new Minecraft server/network. Quasar Network is a new Minecraft network with currently only 1 gamemode (2nd one upcoming) called ''Quasar Factions.''

So our network has currently a lobby server and our factions server.

What is Quasar Factions?
Quasar Factions is just like factions but only with some extra twists/changes. First of all, you can see it more as a survival with group (factions areas) than factions itself. What this means is that we don't have a big shop in the spawn where you can buy/sell items. Only a few. We do this because we don't want to make it too easy to have stuff really quick. (So new players will also still have a chance to play without being ripped of every day)

The second thing is that how more you PvP/kill mobs etc. how stronger you become. We have a level system, so how more players/animals/mobs etc. you kill, how stronger you become.

The third and most coolest thing is that our map only exists of islands. So you could claim a whole island just for yourself and your friends. Pretty cool heh? We also have a ''War Island''. This is the place where PvP'ers come around and kill each other. You can also find and battle for loot on this island. So grab your chance and take over War Island!

The fourth and also an important thing is that we don't do pay-to-win. Because running a Minecraft network is expensive, we do offer paid ranks in our Shop. But nothing pay-to-win, so everyone has a fair chance!

There will come an extra post about Quasar Factions online on our forum soon!

Lobby & Ranks:
We have a cool looking/build lobby where you can come around and meet other players on the server. The lobby has some extra cool features for donators like fly, gadgets, morphs, hats, pets etc. Some of the gadgets are really cool so I would recommend to check these features out. Click HERE to visit out shop.